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Commercial Builders in Berkshire

Commercial Builders in Berkshire

This is by far the fastest growing area for Hughes Group. During 2008/2009 many local and City based business’s have trusted us with many of their critical design, build, refurbishment and renovation works. From restaurants to receptions, hotels to hostels, offices and manufacturing plants, we have delivered on time and to budget, often exceeding client expectations. Some commercial examples are:-

  • CIOB
  • National Trust
  • Charters Developments
  • Danesfield Homes
  • Ashbourne development
  • Scene Living Interior Design
  • Nail and Beauty Bar
  • Angel nail and beauty
  • Numark Pharmacies
  • Various Estate Agencies, landlords and tenants
  • Cubic
  • RPA
    (Royal Payments Agency)
  • Sabre
  • Trant Developments
  • Facilient

Many many more that are referencable.....